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In the summer of 2019, Scott Cyre was restless. For a number of years, he knew that the hot sauce on grocery store shelves left something to be desired. He bought some fresh ingredients from the store and decided to make his own hot sauce that was spicier and more flavourful.


After a few mediocre attempts, he landed on a recipe that fused the sweet heat of habaneros with the freshness of lemon, lime, and pineapple. He called it Citrus Fire and by June 2020, he and his wife Brigita launched three unique and delicious flavours out of their own kitchen in Lethbridge, Alberta.


Today, Chinook Premium Hot Sauces sells four superb hot sauces made from fresh ingredients with no extracts or preservatives. From the mild and tasty Crimson Fire to the fiery fun of Bridge Burner, Chinook has something scrumptious for every palate.


All Chinook’s sauces are made in a commercial kitchen in Lethbridge, Alberta and available to all Canadian residents. Please visit “Where to Buy” to find out how you can add flavour and fire to your next meal.